The T Project's First Human Library

If you had a chance to ask someone anything you wanted, what would you do?
Would you want to challenge the stereotypes you grew up learning about?

The T Project had the wonderful opportunity to organise our first Human Library. We invited four everyday Singaporeans to share their stories with the guests. The stories included a single father, a model/entrepreneur, a nurse, and a human rights activist.


Like any Singaporean, the transgender community is so diverse and unique. Each individual has their own unique experiences that led to who they are today. Every book in the human library overcame their personal challenges and stigmas to become the incredible person they are today.

Through sharing the stories of these four amazing people, we hope readers got a glimpse into the diversity and potential of the community. If given the opportunity, we believe that anyone can do marvellous things.


This human library offered an amazing platform for each of us to challenge what society perceives and to never judge a book by its cover. We want to thank all the human books, volunteers, and guests for making this event a huge success. We also want to thank our venue provider A Good Space, for a welcoming space to hold our human library.

Read what one of our volunteers had to say about this event.

More photos from the event at our gallery.