First Month of Awareness and Sensitivity Workshops

The end of April officially marks a month of successful training workshops by The T Project for various organisations and companies. The transgender community is incredibly diverse and always growing, and yet many in the LGB+ community and our allies don’t have sufficient understanding about it. This is why we created a training module for companies and other organisations to learn about the mythical transgender community and how they can better support the community.

Over the past month, we provided information, resources, and useful tips to the participants about transgender people. Each group of audience had different backgrounds and exposure to the community, but there was something new to learn and share at each workshop.

Our wonderful partner, Potato Productions, invited June to give a talk to the staff and we were happy to share some basic information about the LGBT community, and more about the specific challenges in the transgender community.


The Involve Volunteer Network, the volunteer arm of Pink Dot, welcomed us to share some important lessons with their volunteer leads. These leads took home some tips and advice that they can use in the upcoming Pink Dot 2019 and future events.


We rounded off the month with a sensitivity workshop for our allies Oogachaga. With a team of volunteers providing counselling service and hotline assistance to the LGBTQ+ community, many needed information and resources to share with their transgender clients. Other than getting counselling at the Alicia Community Centre, there are many resources available such as TransgenderSG.


More photos from our workshops in our gallery.

Are you interested in learning more about our workshop and how you can better understand the transgender community in Singapore? Contact us for more information and to get a quote.