Minister Shanmugam Visits The T Project

We were really honoured to have welcomed Minister K. Shanmugam, Minister for Law and Minster for Home Affairs to our humble shelter on 2 October 2019.

The chat with minister was very casual and we are very grateful for the openness that he has shown in providing better services for the transgender community. It was also an massive surprise that just a while after our visit, minister released an explanatory statement to also specifically include protections for LGBT individuals in the Maintenance of Religious Harmony Act.


Thank you very much to minister and his team for making this visit possible and for giving our transgender community some visibility. This visit shows that there is indeed progress towards equality in Singapore.

First Month of Awareness and Sensitivity Workshops

First Month of Awareness and Sensitivity Workshops

Over the month of April, The T Project was invited to provide information, resources, and useful tips to different companies and organizations about transgender people. Each group of audience had different understanding of the community, but there was something new to learn and share at each workshop. Learn more about how our workshop bridged the public with our community.