Sex Work and Advocacy - The T Project's Final Empowerment Workshop

Our 6th and final workshop for the community is a collaboration with Project X, a community based organization advocating the rights of sex workers in Singapore.


In spite of the challenges, the transgender community possess a remarkable amount of strength and resilience. Sherry, a writer and researcher at Project X, led the workshop and shared her story of using her experience as a trans woman and sex worker to promote better understanding and positive change in society.

The participants were broken up into teams to discuss the issues faced as sex workers. The teams then had to identify the causes for the issues and create solutions to resolve the issues discussed. Some issues brought up by the teams include being tricked into having unprotected sex and difficulty in reporting crimes to authorities. Solutions that the teams suggested in the discussions include using social media to share their experiences and stories.

After getting warmed up, past volunteers for Project X share what it was like using their platform to speak to a wider audience and raise awareness to the challenges and needs of the community.


This workshop perfectly concluded the series of empowerment workshops, made possible thanks to the AWARE Power Fund. We hope that through the different topics covered through the past year has inspired participants to find a cause they are passionate in and work towards creating a better society.

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