July Newsletter


Hope you had a great Pride Month. Welcome to the T Project's third-ever newsletter!

Project Re-Lease

Our big news is that the T Project launched a new crowdfunding campaign, Project Re-Lease, earlier this week. Project Re-Lease is hosted on regional fundraising platform Give.Asia—visit our page here to watch an introductory video interview with founder June Chua, and for much more information.

Why Project Re-Lease? Because the T Project’s shelter lease is expiring on 7 September, 2018, and in order to renew it, we need to raise one year’s worth of rent: $34,800, or $2,900 a month. We need this space to keep putting a roof over the heads of those who have nowhere else to go—and providing them many other services, like healthcare, financial aid, and career and legal guidance. As the organisation’s 10 residents (and Judy Garland) can attest, there’s no place like home.

The campaign will be running until 21 September. Expect a couple more updates here as it progresses! Excitingly, we’ve lined up a set of donor rewards as a ‘thank you’ to all who support Project Re-Lease. Some of our awesome rewards:

  • A special limited-edition T Project T-shirt by Not a Public Assembly (makers of cool, subversive Singaporean apparel), exclusively available to Project Re-Lease donors

  • ‘Home’-design tote bags by artist Justin Lee

  • Gorgeous watercolour and photography prints, generously donated by Lee and artist Chris Yap

  • For companies and organizations, a featured spotlight as ‘Donor of the Month’ on all our social/email platforms totaling 3,500 followers

  • Plus more, to be announced over the course of the campaign

If you’ve been looking for an opportunity to give to the T Project, this is a great one! Please considering donating whatever you can spare, and sharing the campaign with a friend who also has the means to support us.

Give Now

We’re so happy to share that last month, one of our shelter residents moved out of the T Project premises and into a new rental flat. We wish her the best of luck with her new place and new life!

Lastly, as July begins, we could not be more excited to participate in Pink Dot’s 10th anniversary event on Saturday, 21 July. We are deeply moved to see how far the annual event has come, and how celebrated its message of love is to a new generation of Singaporeans (despite, of course, the unfortunate regulations that prevent non-Singaporeans/Singapore PRs to attend). The T Project will have a booth at Hong Lim Park, manned by our friendly volunteers. They will be giving out free ice cream courtesy of our kind friends at Momolato, a local gourmet gelato company! You heard us: free ice cream.

We can’t wait to see you all decked out in pink. If you don’t have anything to wear, however (and we get it—10 years will use up a lot of outfit options!), check out this special Pink Dot shirt designed by the brilliant folks at Not a Public Assembly. (That's right, they made two shirts for us!) 

Not only is it fly, but NAPA has pledged all proceeds from this shirt to the T Project! So hurry and get yours now in preparation for the big event.

See you on social (follow us!)…

and at Pink Dot 2018!

Love, the T Project!

"The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be the real, authentic you. I am already living a fairy-tale life. Are you?"

 - June Chua, the T Project founder