March Newsletter

Welcome to the T Project’s newsletter!

We’ll be sending you occasional updates on Singapore’s first trans-led organization focusing on the homeless transgender community: its progress, its challenges, and its community.

Once upon a time, June Chua had a dream: to create a shelter for homeless trans women in Singapore. These women deal with issues that include addiction, mental illness, living with HIV, unemployment, statelessness, absence of family support, and risk of suicide. Years later—with your generous support—the T Project continues to provide its residents with a roof, food and other basic necessities, access to social service, financial aid, career and administrative guidance, and a newfound family. 

There are currently five active residents at the T Project Shelter. Four previous residents have completed their stays, from 2016 'til today.

Now follow us down the rabbit hole...

Residents at Shelter

Your generous donations go to these four monthly expenses:

What would additional donations enable?

June’s long-term objective is to found a Transgender Resource Centre. This drop-in centre would be a community space, separate from the more private shelter. It would be a centre for much-needed research; provide resources such as a library, legal resources, and employment assistance; and serve as an event and workshop space.

Other goals:

  • Expand the shelter to support more residents

  • Increase staff capacity by hiring paid staff as well as training volunteers and interns (with an emphasis to develop more trans community leaders)

  • Enhance services for residents such as counseling and financial literacy

We still need your help to keep this house of cards standing!

To donate to the T Project, you can transfer any amount to:

POSB Savings Account 207-42502-8

Name: June Chua Ruo Si

The T Project also accepts donations of food and electrical appliances.

Email June for more information on that.

Thank you for your help in keeping this fairy tale alive! For more frequent updates, please follow us on Facebook at the link below. To reach out to June, send her an email here.

Love, the T Project!

"The greatest gift you can give yourself is to be the real, authentic you. I am already living a fairy-tale life. Are you?"

 - June Chua, the T Project founder