XI IASSCS Conference

July 11-17, Bangkok Thailand 2017

The International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) was founded in 1997 in Amsterdam, with the commitment to build equity in research capacity worldwide and to develop a broad range of multidisciplinary research activities in the field of sexuality. IASSCS’ mission is to strengthen both research and the capacity to conduct research, on socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality, with special attention to promoting research equity in the global south. It is committed to a broad range of research activities, including strengthening communication and promoting collaboration among researchers, policy makers, and activists/ advocates. This mission is informed by the principles of social justice and human rights, with a focus on sexual rights and gender equality, as expressed in documents such as the Cairo Programme of Action, CEDAW and the UNGASS Declaration on HIV/AIDS.

The XI Conference for this year focuses on the Sexuality, Gender, Reproduction, Health and Rights. A lot of international speakers were invited to be speaking on this topic for the conference. The Main two speakers that had sparked our interest or rather excel from the others are the Speaker from Thailand about “Tangerine Clinic “and from Brazil on the topic of Trans health services and discrimination received while seeking medical help by Simone from Universidad Federal de Santa Catarina.

On the first day of the Conference, June presented, on behalf of B-change and The T Project, the community survey “Transgender Woman’s Experience With Healthcare Services in Singapore.

Please read more about The T Project Community Survey here.