Donations In Cash

We need your help to keep this unique organisation standing!

To donate to The T Project, you can transfer any amount to:


DBS Account 070-902864-0
Name: The Alicia Project SG Ltd
Paynow (UEN): 201923582W


If you would like to make a donation through credit card, you may also do so.
Please note that credit card fees do apply.

Credit Card Donation

Donations In-Kind

The T Project also accepts donations of food, furniture, home appliances, etc for the residents and the community.

Items that we accept include, but are not limited to:
Grocery Shop Vouchers
Canned food
Dried cooking goods
Electrical appliances
Gift cards/ Other vouchers

Please contact us for more information of items we need or accept as well as how to hand them to us.


Get Involved!

If you wish to volunteer with The T Project, fill up this form. If your skills meet our current needs, you'll hear from us soon! (And if not, we will keep your information on file as we might need your help down the road.) We also eagerly invite you to suggest any initiatives or ideas you may want to start for the community. Email us, and we will see how we can support you in our small way.

In the meantime, you can be an ally even in your everyday life. Learn about the transgender community, promote better understanding, tell others about The T Project and gather donations amongst a group of friends, the possibilities are endless. Sign up for our newsletter to see the latest events we need volunteers in.

Thank you for keeping this fairy tale alive!



The T Project!