The T Project runs the only shelter for homeless transgender women in Singapore. Beginning in 2014 with a small space at the attic of a shop house shared with another NGO, it has now expanded its scope of services (thanks to the kind support of donors) to better serve the transgender community.


Our mission is to support and make a positive impact on the transgender community, enabling them to lead more dignified and fulfilling lives.


The T Project shelter provides emergency, short-term, and long-term accommodation:

  • Emergency (Less than 3 months)

  • Short term (3–6 months)

  • Long term (More than 6 months)

In addition to accommodation, the shelter provides every resident with a resource list that informs them of the available social and welfare services that they can engage with. This includes services for managing mental health issues, addiction issues, financial issues and housing issues. The shelter manager provides the necessary support for each resident to rebuild their lives and prepare to depart from the shelter.

How long can I stay?

The T Project shelter only provides temporary accommodation.

  1. Residents are to make full use of their stay and improve their personal and financial situations. Shelter staff will counsel and assist residents to find appropriate solutions.

  2. The T Project shelter will work with other governmental and non-governmental agencies providing counselling, organising workshops, and offering assistance programs that are beneficial to residents. These may include face-to-face counselling, financial literacy workshops, job matching services, addiction therapy, and public rental housing arrangements. These efforts may form part of the conditions for extension of stay.

  3. Jobless residents must actively seek employment, either through their own efforts or with job-matching services provided by external agencies. The shelter staff will monitor the progress of these efforts. This will also comprise part of the review process to extend the stay of a resident.

  4. Residents who are medically unfit for work must produce a valid medical certification signed by a certified doctor or specialist from a local public hospital.

  5. Duration and extension of stay is decided on a case-by-case basis. Committee members’ decisions are final and binding.

  6. If a resident refuses to leave, police assistance will be sought. The T Project reserves all rights to take legal actions. Shelter staff also reserve the right to remove the resident’s property if her stay is not extended.

  7. Residents can discharge themselves at any time if they are dissatisfied with the level of service at the shelter, or disagree with the shelter rules.

  8. The T Project shelter is not under any obligation to help seek alternative accommodation, or other care of any sort, for residents.

Read more about our shelter admission and rules here.

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Shelter guidebook

For more information on shelter admission and rules, please view our guidebook.

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